On wearing a muzzle, no thanks Mr. Galluzo, I’ll pass.

Folks who treasure their punctuation should not read this blog, because besides from the proper use of a period, I pretty much make the rest up..some things escaped my grasp in those Catholic elementary school years, diagramming sentences sent my brain to it’s imaginary place, usually a scene from the TV show “Emergency” where I fantasized Randolph Mantooth rushing into the classroom and rescuing me from the musty, hot hell that was Our Lady Of Victory School.  It has been curious to me in recent years how much I think about those OLV days , a 1970’s strange brew of traditional nuns and hippie mini-skirted teachers. The church was having an identity crisis, too busy fighting over whether or not we should be allowed to touch the host or stick our tongues out at Communion to notice if I was using my semi- colons properly.  So, while church table manners were being debated, there was no debate about discipline. My left ear still hurts from Sr. Marie Antoinette (not kidding), dragging me by it and literally throwing  me by it into the hallway, because I didn’t memorize my time tables. To this day, I am amazed that she could launch a child by using only an ear..impressive. I actually tried dragging my son by his ear once, it’s way harder than it looks. I had, what my mother described back then as a “spirited” personality..I can still hear her..”damn schools don’t know what to do with a kid who has spunk”. Thanks Mom, I love you, but I was probably a bit of an asshole at times. When it was time to move on to High School , my English teacher, Mr. Galluzzo, happily held the door for me. I will never forget what he wrote in my little autograph book, “There is only thing in life that will help you. A muzzle. Use it.”. No thanks, Mr. Galluzzo, I’ll pass.


12 thoughts on “On wearing a muzzle, no thanks Mr. Galluzo, I’ll pass.

  1. LMAO. Sister Cypriana, first grade at St. Paul the Apostle, I thought she had no feet as her robe touched the ground – her beads, which hung at her waist must have weighed a ton – and there were so many. . . those who could recite the Lord’s Prayer in Latin received M&M’s and a holy card. . .sigh, how could a kid of 5 1/2 do that. . .

  2. HAHA! Too funny! You should find Mr. Galluzzo and remind him what he wrote in your book and tell him how insulting and abusive he was and that you’re suing. Lol!

  3. Oh yeah! I had Sr. Mary Antoine who came to class locked and loaded with a yardstick- length pointer. If anyone acted up she drew that thing like a sword from under her habit and smashed it down on some poor student’s hand. Good times. Not.

  4. I’m surprised I have any hair left on the top of my head, thanks to Sister Rita Alberta. She moved silently into the SRA lab when Tim & I would be goofing, grab a handful of hair, and start shaking my head from one side to another. She was 110 back then & still strong enough to kick the crap out of 12 y.o. boys.

  5. Blog #2 is fantastic! I’m so looking forward to more incites and stories from you. God knows, I’m not prejudiced but you are a beautiful and gifted writer. And by the way, asshole or no asshole, you certainly were amusing!

  6. OMG! Catholic school, can it really be that other people experience the same as me. The nuns who ruled with an iron fist, the yardstick used to slap the kids across the knuckles, the discipline and fear instilled in children. Yes, the days of the turmoil in the ways of the old church to Vatican II where nuns shed the habits, communion was a mess and parents didn’t understand.

  7. OMG Tess, What a great blogger you are! How do you find the time? The skill is quite obvious. I loved Randolph Mantooth too! Much better than John Smith. (Gage and SeSoto). I think the dark,dangerous ones were my thing. Great blog Rampart, over and out, Cindy

  8. Tess, your writing is TERRIFIC!! I am in-the-moment or transported back (even though I avoided the fate of Catholic school myself) when I read your post. I’m looking forward to more . . . .

  9. Cindy..you just made me laugh with “Rampart”..Engine 51, Squad 51..See the man”…I saw an Emergency rerun recently..some things are better left to memory. Haha! But, I tell you, as a 13 year old girl, that show got me through hours of school.

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