I’m nuts, you’re nuts, we’re all nuts.

Less than 12 inches from me, right now, he is cracking them open, eating them, cracking them open, and eating them..please stop.   Doesn’t he see I want to write?  He’s still cracking them…he’s still eating them. He’s chatty now…quiet man wants to chat and I want to write. Is this what water boarding feels like?  O.K., I’m just going to tell him he’s making me nuts.

Well, that went better than expected..he said I was crazy, gathered up his remains and left. Wise move, I applaud you Joe, cause I’m feeling a little cuckoo..cuckoo..like the bird going in and out the little door on the clock. I’m used up today. My head is spinning with present and future obligations, my lists have lists. I am well aware that I am not the only mother who also works a full-time job, but knowing we are in good company never makes it any easier. You Dads out there are a huge support, but you’re lying if you won’t admit that the Mom is the Grand Marshal of the family parade. The “who goes where and when with what they need” is generally Mom’s job. A brief scan of the grocery store on any given Saturday shows the weary women pushing the craziest of carts, the ones brimming over. Sure, you’ll see the guys too,  hanging out by the fish, grabbing a few pounds of shrimp, or a steak, dashing through express checkout, they always seem happy in the store..Daddy hero returns home with his kill, cracks a beer and watches his steak grill. I guess you have probably figured by now that I enjoy grocery shopping about as much as I enjoy scrubbing gas station bathrooms with a toothbrush. I know I should be grateful for modern supermarkets, and the ability to be able to even afford a grocery cart brimming over, so please restrain yourselves from a lecture, because I bite tonight..I’m a little nuts.  I sometimes dream of living in the world of a little corner grocer, a daily stop for fresh stuff..that’s for me. I don’t need to choose from 75 different ketchups, I really don’t. My friends rave about the monster Wegmans..oh, the choices!  My worst nightmare of a shopping experience.  If I can’t see where the store ends when I walk in the front door, I ain’t going in. I shopped at Wegmans once..ran in for a salad to take to party..had to stop twice to ask directions to the deli..never went back.

So this weekend I am going to try something different..instead of worrying about everything that needs to be done, the cleaning, the laundry, the *gasp* grocery store, harassing the kids to start summer reading and math work..this nutty Grand Marshal Mom signed the family up for a day of Kayaking lessons on a beautiful lake with gorgeous sunset views.  They won’t know what hit them, Cuckoo Mom is just getting started.Image


12 thoughts on “I’m nuts, you’re nuts, we’re all nuts.

      • Theresa..it is so nice to hear that even the people who do a great job at it- you- are still sick of it! The selection of toothpaste is insane..you should write about that! Like who would pass up the opportunity for white, whiter or the whitest of teeth…drives me crazy.

  1. This July 18th will mark 48 years of going to the market! I too long for the smaller neighborhood grocery store – the simpler life! You think there are too many choices when it comes to catsup? How about picking out toothpaste ~ and when you settle on one you like, a month later when you go looking for it, they’ve changed the packaging! And for me, there are almost 30 years of preparing meals for “short” people ~ you know who I mean! I am so tired of cooking, eating and going to the market – it never ends!!! Tess, I think we are very stressed out! And going kayaking was the perfect solution! I bet everyone had a blast and I hope you are feeling a little better! Tess, you really know how to write about what’s driving us all a little nuts. Great job, I feel your pain.

  2. I don’t know anything about Wegman’s corporate structure or business model or whatever, but I do know that I like to support my small town family owned smaller grocery too. Would hate to see the big ones push all the small ones out of business!

    Also… Enjoyed your writing immensely!

  3. OMG a woman after my own heart. I loathe supermarkets with their endless selections. Just give me what I damn well want and don’t ask me to choose. Thanks for the laughs…I don’t feel alone any more!

  4. There you go again with another great blog. So Instead of grinding our teeth at the daily annoyances, we can laugh at them, thanks to you.

    • Love that John! I think it’s all about the brain hard wiring…women are multi-taskers..when I need to take the recycling to the cellar, I grab the laundry that goes down, while I’m down there I throw a load in, freshen the dogs water, etc.. My husband just takes the recycling down. He starts and finishes the task he set out on..mothers don’t have that luxury.

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