Thar She Blows!

john's female piratesfemale piratesPirates!  Pirates have been on my mind lately…many years ago my friend and artist, John Kachik, illustrated a story about female pirates and asked myself and a friend to model as such.  An evening of posing , waving weapons at each other, and making the fiercest faces we could muster through our laughter ensued.  Recently, a retrospective of John’s art from the 80’s and 90’s was featured in an art gallery here and the pirates enjoyed a weekend in the limelight.  I stared at the picture hanging in the gallery for a long time…it got to me.

When the pirates were swashbuckling all over John’s apartment, stopping for quick sips of a beer or a drag on a cigarette, our college years were still in the rear view mirror.  We were still the adventure seeking, fun loving girls we were in college, just now with paying jobs, little else had changed, yet.  In my pirate face I saw the girl who  wrote  poetry in college and read it aloud. When my English professor called the poem I wrote about my grandfather “shit” , I simply wrote another one, only this time about sex (we figured out pretty fast that was all he wanted to hear) , and got an “A”.  Ahh,  Academia.  To his credit, my professor did implore me to keep writing after graduation.  I didn’t write, I studied science night and day and became a nurse.  Then a wife.  Then a  mother.  My cutlass was permanently sheathed, or so I thought.  Enter the blog.

I am finding the powerful draw of the blog  very curious.  It attracts as many people as it repels.  I have been the recipient of praise and rolled eyes since embarking on this little joyride.  “Why?” is the usual response from the skeptics. “To what end?” is another.   I was nervous, a little paranoid at my coming out.  With trembling (for real) fingers I first posted on a group designed to encourage and support, a haven for scared bloggers.  A “send” to Mom was next. I knew Mom would like it, but she liked that poem about my grandfather too.   Still, a tiny step into reality.  The group loved it, Mom loved it, so  I hit the enter key on my FaceBook page….silence.  Ouch.  Funny, I remember dozens of people wanting to engage in my rants during election time.  Hmmmm.

Slowly I began to receive some feedback , I think some friends and family are enjoying it..but guess what me Mateys?  I don’t care what people think anymore!  Oh, beautiful day  to realize I am doing this just for me!  That’s the power of the blog, I get it now.  You don’t have to like it, I do!  The plank is right over there if you want to get off my blog, it’s ok with me.  Told ya, that pirate girl got to me.

12 thoughts on “Thar She Blows!

  1. I LOVE your blog…how you write…what you write about!!!! Why else would I subscribe and take my time to read it?!! :O)

  2. Good for you! I’m not a blogger but am finally coming around to the concept of doing things because I want to. I love your blog. Keep going.

  3. Good for you Tessie! And maybe I am a bit partial, being your mother and all, but I’ve always enjoyed your work. I would love to see you post,” Man in the Baggy Pants ” and “Gypsy”, to see what kind of reaction they bring. Are you game?

  4. Keep up the good work, and enjoy yourself while doing it. I’m a reader thanks to a mention at Jon Katz’s blog.
    I’d be very interested to know the name of the pirate book, do you know what it is? I tried googling the artist plus female pirates, but no luck. Thanks!
    Melissa Middleswart

    • Hi Melissa! The paintings were done as illustrations for an article in some publication, not a book. I’d imagine you have to dig really dig to find the article. John may have the original article ..but would have to dig through 20 years of work to find it..

      • Oh, I see–never mind, then. 🙂 I had thought it might have been for a kid’s book about pirates, I remember some on female pirates from my days as a librarian, and if so, I’d have liked to find the book again, and then imagine you having fun being the model!

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