Another Summer In The Books

“Hey Mom, can you just call me on my cell phone so I don’t have to get up to answer the phone from now on?”  

The above quote was an actual text received to my cell phone from my 14 year old son today.  He must have been joking.  He was not joking.  It’s a good thing the reading and ‘riting and ‘rithmetic is starting on Monday, cause I’m one sink full of dirty dishes away from finding me a big old hick’ry stick.  The audacity of this working mother to check in on her sons and expect them to unfold themselves from their fetal positions long enough to answer the telephone. Easy there sonny, pace yourself. Really, what was I thinking, I must be mad. I should have learned my lesson from the morning gym workouts I lovingly scheduled for them this summer. If you are wondering what a “look that could kill’ looks like, try dragging your kids from their air conditioned dens to the YMCA on a sticky  morning for some outdoor calisthenics with a hard bodied trainer. The race to the Summer finish line is in sight.  One. More. Day.

I didn’t have to check the calender to know that summer vacation was winding down, the FaceBook postings by the aliens took care of that.  The aliens have started lamenting the end of summer and some are even upset that it appears the darlings are getting out a few days later next June.  I’m sorry, but I am a mere much more of their vacation am I expected to endure?  How many trips to the grocery store can one person make in a week?  How many times can I screech about their slow progress on their Summer math and reading assignments? How many more days can I leave for work with my heart skipping beats…”don’t open the door, don’t forget to turn the stove off.”  It’s time to pull this Summer over to the curb and search my kids for grey matter.  I am praying that this isn’t the summer that hormones and XBox has wiped their slates clean. 

Before I am voted Queen of Bitchy Mothers, let me say, it hasn’t been all bad.  We had some fun.  Our cherished family trip to the shore..weekend adventures..visits with friends..cookouts and fireworks and swimming pools…summer camps.  Simple joys like taking our Labs swimming, dropping some chicken necks in the bay and pulling up crabs, playing Crazy Eights and Five Card Draw in the dim evening light.  While I looked like I was totally engaged in all those activities, mostly I was just loving being together, treasuring every hug and fleeting hand holding that I could get. They’re growing fast and  I am startled now when my baby answers me in a suddenly deep voice while sporting a fuzzy upper lip.

I’m not sure I am ready for the emotional hit coming next week when I take my son to his first day of High School. I will cry as sure as I am crying typing this.  Gets me every single time. I have choked up since pre-K, watching them walk into the building.  There’s always that last look towards the car before they disappear into school and I give a thumbs up before pulling away, wailing like a banshee.  Maybe a couple more weeks of vacation wouldn’t be so bad after all. Image


6 thoughts on “Another Summer In The Books

  1. Good writing Tess! This is a topic that any parent can relate to unless of course they’re from a town called Stepford.

  2. wait until u take them to college!! and then the tears will flow — especially when its time for the last one to leave home!

  3. A fun read. Wait ’til it’s HS graduation and off to college, that’s when I really cried. And I’m not sure why, ’cause when I read your story above, I am reminded how peaceful my life became when my daughter left for college. Perhaps, Tess when that day comes, you will finally have the time to your self to really write that book ~ “Erma”!

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