Red Sporty and Flippy Hair

When you slam your bedroom door

the “I HATE YOU”

stinging my ears

I smile.

When you tell me you are leaving

one day and never returning

I smile.

Sailing from Pre-K, top down in your favorite “red sporty”

Heart between our heads

You always gave me “flippy hair” and a big smile.

You will leave one day

The love will stay right here.

red sporty


3 thoughts on “Red Sporty and Flippy Hair

  1. Tess, this is great! I love the drawing. Now, who drew that? My daughter (to whom I am very close) has been feeling the ache of Jakie leaving for college. He’s a H.S. Junior and the prep has begun. If she read this post, she’d burst out crying. 😦 (another crier I fear). You got it perfectly. Short ,sweet and strait from the heart. Bravo!

  2. Ah, Tess….you have so captured the truth in this wonderful salute to moms and their kids and the truth between them. And so it goes. Forever.

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