Peaceful New Year

I was struck by the strength and beauty today of this very old nun working in the New Year’s sunset. Her spine severely curved under her heavy black robes, she dug and shoveled dirt into her wheelbarrow unassisted, her bare hands exposed to the cold evening air.


Nearby, the albino deer “Prince”, named by the nuns, made a reassuring appearance, my quiet, gentle son gasped  at  the sighting…we all worry with the recent bow hunters moving through the woods. He stared hard at my son and seemed to be saying “I’m alright dude..different, but still o.k..”   We declared this New Year’s sighting of Prince a special sign, easy to believe in this mystical feeling place.

Wishing everyone peaceful moments in abundance this year.


7 thoughts on “Peaceful New Year

  1. I am going to save this post so that when I need a peaceful moment, I can just go to it. This EXUDES peace…..beautiful and striking pictures, gentle, quiet narrative…..great way to start a new year, this.
    Thank you for the gift.

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