Something Good Is Going To Happen Today..

Regular readers of this blog may recall that I hate the grocery store, from door to door, I loathe the entire least I use to. Not so much anymore. Not after today.

About two hours ago, after hauling ass to my kid’s schools for drop off, I raced to the grocery for like, the umpteenth time this week, playing my usual game of  beat the clock, getting it in before the race to work.  Most days my life feels like that old movie “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”..sometimes I fully expect to look over at a stop light and see Ethel Merman and Milton Berle staring back at me. I could probably make less trips to the market, but as soon as the automatic door parts and I push my cart through, I go into the “zone”.  My husband insists that if I make a list  I wouldn’t have this problem.  I push my cart up and down the aisles, having little idea what I came for.

The problem is, I think about everything but food in the grocery store.  Depending on the music playing, I am transported through time. 60’s music? I am a little girl hanging out at home with Mom listening to 8-tracks, jumping up and down on the sofa bed, eavesdropping on her phone conversations, getting the hospital scandal gossip where she worked. 70’s music..  I am back at Our Lady Of Victory, dancing in the gym in my Levi cords, hoping a cute boy would ask me to dance..  80’s?  Forget about it..High School, avalanche of memories. Who could think about food?

So, today. ..entering the store.”Memories.light the corners of my mind..” Dear God, no.  Barbra Streisand..@ 8am?  It has been a sad week . My eyes instantly welled, because that is what normal people do when they hear that song. Lost again in the store and I hadn’t even gotten out of produce. I managed to find some food and pushed my cart to the finish line to “I Had the Time Of My Life” blaring through the mostly empty store.  I started loading my groceries on the conveyor belt and an older African-American man came behind me, holding one item and looked to be heading to work, judging from his paint splattered clothes. I ushered him in front of me, and he looked hesitant.  I gave his arm a gentle shove and he thanked me, moving forward.  Then he turned to look at me, really look at my pre-shower, middle aged wreck self, and said “Something good is going to happen to you today”.  “Really?”- I said.  He wasn’t done yet, with a kind smile and that beautiful cottony white hair, he said, “HE loves you”.

I left the store, still with the Dirty Dancing tune playing, I must have been smiling, judging from the strangers smiling back at me. Something good is going to happen today, stay tuned. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.



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