Who Will Love These Things?

Sometimes I lift the lid to the old jewelry box when I hurry past

Rachmaninov’s Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini tinkles through the dusty sunbeam

And touch the odd collection

My grandmother’s hundred year old amethyst

A bubble gum ring given by a sticky little boy

My wedding pearls

A smiley face necklace

All resting in their special place

And I wonder, years from now

Who will love these things?

jewerly box


2 thoughts on “Who Will Love These Things?

  1. You have set me to thinking about my own “treasures” that cannot be put into the free-to-a-good-home box or yard sale box or even the my-kids-can-dispose-of-it-when-I’m-gone box. Who will love them? I don’t know at the moment, but I intend to find out – and act accordingly. Many thanks for for this.

  2. Tess, a beautiful and thoughtful post….

    I wonder much the same ~ I suspect women often do. We are wired that way, thinking of the future while gently gazing over “memory-marker~items” of the past.

    For years and years I could not bring myself to go to estate sales. I adore (ok, I’m obsessed, lol) with yard sales, but estate sales broke my heart. All those pieces of the puzzle of someones’ life left naked to the world, alone, forsaken. Then one day I heard someone say that all the things unsold at estate sales were (often) trashed because it was too time consuming for most families to pack for donation and of too small value to make more than the one attempt to sell. Since then I go to such sales hoping to honor the person who loved each item by saving what I can withing my budget/space. I also decided that day to be sure that anything I want to be sure goes somewhere in particular is defined (in writing) or will be given when I feel able to part with it, lol

    And I hope someday, at my estate sale some of my things will be found by ‘someone’ and loved thru yet another lifetime until she begins to wonder ‘who will love these things’?..


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