Take That Jack!

I will not accept your icy wrath another day

Or your sickly gray complexion

Bleech…take your leave

Blow away.

I know what you hate

In your waning days

Green, sparkly toes

Pink tulips in a vase


Your bully heart’s icy blue blood

beating slower every day

my ear to your chest

A last gasp from your lips

A smile from mine.

My lady words have all been lost

Hey! Fungu!  Jack Frost.

toes and tulips


5 thoughts on “Take That Jack!

  1. Well and truly said a la your poem Tess!
    (and may I add it does seem as tho this shi**y winter is striving to NEVER end)…
    PS love both your tulips and your toes, lol
    (nearly perma-frozen) Issy

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