Angels, And Bears, And Pigs, Oh, My!

I know what you’re thinking..sweet Jesus, not another Angel Garden post.  I heard you muttering..”doesn’t this Broad do anything but hang out at a convent, talking to deer and angel statues?”  Bear with me..and spoiler wasn’t a bear.  There was a pig..but I’m getting ahead of myself.

This weekend, my husband left, you may remember him as Joe ..but this weekend I felt like Dwayne Schneider had left the building. (Remember Schneider, the building Super on the sitcom “One Day At A Time”?  Yep, I always have a cheesy 70’s song or sitcom playing in the background of all my thoughts- I am open to analysis, because I have no idea why this happens..All. The. Time.)snyder

Anyway, so it is written, everything must break when the maintenance man leaves town. The shower broke, the bicycle broke, the INTERNET broke.  That last one had me frantically trying to fix my bike, so I could escape the wailing of my teenagers whose entire world had suddenly stopped was like they had been told their entire family had been sucked into a black hole over night..although I’m not clear that that would not have been more preferable. 

I pedaled like the wind, away from my wireless-less home , it’s all down hill to the Angel Garden at the convent..the wind in my ears blocking out sound, even riding the brakes is going to is exhilarating..a timeless feeling..a kid on her bike tasting freedom.

I stopped at a path in the woods, a path I had zoomed by many times, but always looked to lonely to explore.  My walks in the woods are always with Joe and two Labs, I have not ventured alone yet..until last night. Call me crazy, but I took the path..don’t know why..perhaps I was subconsciously choosing death over returning to my un-wired home and  suicidal teens…

There was noise..lots of animal noise as I trekked deeper in, the sun setting , creating that woods on fire effect. I thought back to recent years where a stray black bear had wandered way off course and wound up in our neck of the woods..a rare occurrence..but from the sound of the crashing through the trees, this city girl was convinced a black bear was going to be belching up my Nike’s later.

I was just starting to regret this dark woods thing, when a deer walked onto the path..who I immediately named “Grace” for her clumsy, noisy reveal.  Grace stopped and stared me down, and down, and down.  I think we were playing a game, and I wished I knew what this deer attack? Should I look away?  I ultimately decided that Grace was emotion I could use a few pointers in..thanks Grace..I’ll go ponder that in Sr. Hannah’s Angel Garden.deer named grace

A quick trip to the garden, and a browse through the notebook that visitors leave their messages of thanks, joy, and angst.  A beautiful drawing caught my attention..I shared it with the harp playing angel.angel holding notebook 

A sweet cherub blew me a kiss.angel blowing kiss

A pig angel.  Wait…a pig angel? angel pig 

Hopping back on the bike, I started the uphill ride home.  As exciting as the ride downhill to the convent is, is as grueling and exhausting the ride home is. I pant and talk out loud to myself.  “You can do it..push..push..power legs, power legs.  I look like a lunatic. But, something happened today, for the first time, I didn’t have to get off and, I made it up the hill for the first time..slowly, wobbly, and in bad form..but I did it.  

I made it up that damn hill…and I fixed the broken shower.  I have no idea why the internet is suddenly 13 year old assures me it was terrorism, but all is well now. Yay us.

Schneider just sent me a text..almost home..thank goodness..two burned out spotlights need changing.  Hurry up, man!





8 thoughts on “Angels, And Bears, And Pigs, Oh, My!

  1. Really touching and entertaining. The angels are adorable even the pig. I’m happy that Schneider is back on the job.

    • Thanks Mom..I love that you “get” my writing..and do you know that Schneider had the nerve to ask me to take out the trash AND roll up the hose? Whaaat?

    • Thanks Maria..that hill has definitely morphed into something larger than life..must be something about turning 50..climbing that hill has become very, very important suddenly.

  2. A pig angel?? Do you know that Dingle lady?? If wireless happens, I can’t think of a nicer way to ‘get in touch’ than a visitor’s book at an Angel Garden.

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