Pretty Little Things

Lonely stacks of dainty teacups 

remind me of long ago ladies

who set their hair and powdered their noses.

Ladies who dressed for lunch

in darling hats and white gloves.

No chips or cracks

Impossible perfection.

Hey, sweet little cup

how about a second chance?

We’ll get real.

This lady will fill you with strong coffee,

sipping from you in an old t-shirt.

No guarantees of a chip-free life here

but, I think better than growing old on a shelf

wasting another chance to share your beauty

with the world.
























One thought on “Pretty Little Things

  1. Lovely and true 🙂
    As women we evolve, adjusting to different times and truths
    Altering realities to ones that work for us
    Yet we continue to love many of the same things generation after generation….
    Teacups and moments of heart amid the dance frozen within the shapes of beauty

    Here’s to delicate detailed teacups of strong coffee balanced on denim covered knees!
    Here’s to well earned (by loving use) chips and nicks – what I think of as the equivalent of
    Gray hair and worry lines lol


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