Hellloooo? Testing..Is This Thing On?

Oh, hi.

It’s been a while.

Like a whole, entire month while.

Is everyone o.k.?

Excuse me while I stop to catch my breath.  Crawling out of this rabbit hole I fell down the entire month of February takes some energy.

And, I’m Fifty.

So there was cake.

So there was cake.

So this could take a while…go put the kettle on, I’ll still be hoisting myself up when you get back.

O.k., I’m just going to blog from inside the rabbit hole..I got halfway , saw my shadow..and yikes..looks like the shadow found her spare tire she lost from last year.. and decided to stay until April.

I’ll be honest with you..turning Fifty kinda sucked.  It sucked because I mostly found myself wanting to kill people who were trying to tell me, nearly at every turn, that turning Fifty sucks. God, those people suck.

People that felt the need to console me on my birthday..”oh, it’s not so bad..it’s just another day..just a number, you’ll survive….you don’t look Fifty.”   Funny, I don’t remember asking for a psychiatric consult..a simple “Happy Birthday!” would have sufficed.

Then, there was Enzo, my Chocolate Lab..who also felt the need to inject some pain and suffering (his and mine) into my big day, after his version of a paint ball party went awry.  Apparently eating over 300 green paint balls is not recommended and will buy you, and an innocent bystander Black Lab, Beau, a night in the pokey for a ’round the clock IV and enema party.  We spent all night sitting in the emergency clinic, anxious and increasingly depressed as trauma and tragedy paraded through the door, and people left in tears with empty blankets or holding collars that would never be needed again.  We were so grateful to have our pups back the next day , that handing over all the spending money for my birthday trip, and then some, was a joyous moment indeed.

Maybe Enzo thought it was St. Patrick's Day?

Maybe Enzo thought it was St. Patrick’s Day?

Speaking of birthday trips..there was New York City.  Which did not suck.  Joe and I hopped a train after emptying our wallets at the vet and steamed North.  Crazy kids on a train, not a worry in the world, no sick dog, no bored teenagers, no piteous looks after learning of my advanced age…just us two..forever young, at least on the inside.  So fun..even when the train broke down.  Was I doomed?  Nah..it un-broke.

Hello NYC!  Concrete never looked so good.

Hello NYC! Concrete never looked so good.

Such fun..a lesson in not putting all your eggs in one basket.  If you are counting on a perfect day for anything..a birthday, Christmas, a wedding..whatever..you may end up in a paint ball hell.  Life is full of surprises..some really, really good…like when your NYC Carriage Horse Driver gives you an extra long ride around a snow covered Central Park and then offers to drop you off at an Irish pub on his way back to the stables..your perfect moment might be down the path a bit, but it’s waiting for sure.

Murphy, our ride to the pub.

Murphy, our ride to the pub.

4 thoughts on “Hellloooo? Testing..Is This Thing On?

  1. So good to turn on my computer this morning and see that you’ve returned. Very funny story, sorry about the mishap with the dog, congratulations on turning 50, and Lucky YOU to have a carriage ride through Central Park.

  2. Welcome back, you’ve been missed. I do not understand why folks moan about major birthdays. I was excited when I turned 40, then again when I turned 50. It’s an attitude not an age. The best is yet to come. So glad your carriage ride was so much fun and what a fantastic driver taking you to an Irish pub. I turned 60 + my friends didn’t realize it – they all thought I was 10 years younger. Romance has found me recently – what a pleasant surprise and he is younger than me. I took my 1st carriage ride this past November in the rain before I met him. My new found love is a former New Yorker, so I will have the pleasure of another carriage ride in the summer or early fall. I am a Philly girl. Happy birthday – I promise, life just gets better.

  3. Happy to see you back at the keyboard Tessie! Your writing is so real and so much fun. Poor Beau having to do the pity puke for his naughty brother, Enzo. So glad you got your carriage ride all the way to the pub. Love you!

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