Thanksgiving At 50

Happy , happy joy!  It’s my Golden Thanksgivingversary!

To celebrate this half-century milestone of being a pumpkin pie eating machine, I am going to list fifty things I am most grateful for…

Just kidding.

Oh, good you’re still here.

Today, while I  strolled under a perfect blue sky to my sister’s home for the annual feast, past the old homes that are lined up proudly on my street, I felt the spirits of a hundred Thanksgivings. Imagining the 1920’s, 30’s 40’s families bustling about then.. pulling turkeys from ovens, and yelling at their teenage sons to keep the dog away from the cooling pies..and for the love of Eleanor Roosevelt, get the hell off your iphone and help peel the dang potatoes..oh, wait.  Anyway,   I paused under a tree with just two survivors holding on for dear life and breathed in the wonderful tradition…aided by the aroma of many Locust Drive Thanksgiving feasts being prepared, drifting from open windows on this unusually warm Maryland day.

thanksgiving two leaves

do you cringe at the bare trees…or do you see blue sky?










I thought of my childhood Thanksgivings crammed around a folding card table in a Baltimore City row home, where my grandparents of Italian descent, served up the meal with love, pure and simple.  It was the only meal served at the kid’s table, on the red checkered tablecloth, that wasn’t spaghetti or lasagna..and it always left me wishing that it were.

neno and granpop 1970's

typical spaghetti and meatball Sunday dinner at Neno and GrandPop’s…that’s me right before the exorcism.

We weren’t the Kennedys..there were no cocktails or family football games.  The men disappeared to play poker in the basement , the women cleaned up and chatted, and the kids took off to explore …rummage through button jars, play games, where ever our imaginations took us.   Adult supervision was nonexistent unless it was to break up a fight, not a disagreement, you were on your own there.  It was, pretty much, the perfect Thanksgiving…followed by decades more of them.


Social media, as it will do,  has tried to throw a wet blanket over this simple day.  The heated debate over retailers being open or not on Thanksgiving, or posts reminding us that we shouldn’t be happy when others are suffering…and don’t even get them started on those 1621 Pilgrims.


thanksgiving 1600

what’s not to love?

Today we celebrated connection.

thanksgiving kids on phones

teenage boys er…connecting.

We wore silly hats and took bad selfies while our teenagers rolled their eyes at their daft parents.

thanksgiving selfie with joe

We ate and drank too much.

We loved just enough.


trukey @ 50