Two Bucks And A Trip To The Moon

Delusion was in DA HOUSE yesterday.

The house was my place of employment in a Baltimore, Maryland  hospital, specifically in the Operating Room.  Barely ten minutes passed without  seeing a coworker rush by, clutching two- one dollar bills, searching for the self appointed boss of a different sort of operation.  Operation Get Rich.   I directed my friends  with  the urgency of an air traffic controller in a Nor’Easter.   Coworkers dropped their forks mid- bite , obeying  my words, “quick, she’s collecting in the recovery room! Hurry!”  In a work place of marked diversity in ethnicity and socioeconomic class, there was no mistaking our unity, we were in this together.  From the CEO’s to the very good people scrubbing the blood off the instruments,  we were united.  Janitors loaning surgeons two dollars to get in the game. A coworker called out of the country to an ailing family member was added by a generous soul.  No man left behind.  We were making certain that no one walked into the operating room today to find a ghost town, tumbleweeds and crickets..while everyone else was home , drunk on their morning champagne.


Well, almost.

We won four dollars.

Twice, I think.

Now I have to go to work, and  I won’t be arriving to hand in my resignation as I planned..Cleopatra style.


Oh, I  had some plans.  Didn’t we all?

I was going to give everyone I loved , and even some I didn’t, a million or more,  a piece.  My kids would be attending college sans debt.  I was going to celebrate with a fabulous Italian meal, in Italy, on my private island, arriving on my private jet.  Amazing charities established for man and beast.  Cures for diseases would be found.  Sanctuaries and rescues.

Maybe some skin resurfacing, state of the art plastic surgery to erase the wrinkles and age spots and some liposuction.  I know, superficial…but if I’m going to be known internationally, I should probably bleach the coffee stains out of my teeth.

Quit judging.

Instead, I’m leaving for work in a few minutes.

I’m heading back to the folks who I bid adieu to yesterday.  We wished each other a wonderful last night of being poor.  We chatted excitedly while we changed out of our scrubs, crammed in our little locker room, about the logistics of splitting the ginormous jackpot.  Some folks had already contacted their attorneys to start questioning the process and all its’ complexities…yes, the delusion was real.

george bailey I wish I had a billion dollars

While driving home last night with the moon smiling at me , I thought of George Bailey’s “lassoing the moon” for his beloved Mary from the film “It’s A Wonderful Life” badly George wanted to be successful monetarily , not realizing that he already had everything ..the love of his life, his family , his friends.

Today, when my husband left for work, he called out to me..”I love you Tessie, I love our life together!”  Joe is a sweet guy, but that is not his usual goodbye, at least not the “life together” part.  I kinda feel like I hit the love lottery last night.

So, I won’t be arriving on my litter today , eating grapes and being fanned by half-naked men.  But  I will be surrounded by hard working friends who care for, and about, their fellow man with compassion and kindness every day.

Jackpot, indeed.





7 thoughts on “Two Bucks And A Trip To The Moon

  1. Beautiful, as always, Tess. Gorgeous writing. Poignant, funny, honest and real. Keep at it. Your writing just might hit the monetary jackpot.

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